• Xenon Horizontal Lifeline structurally mounted with custom clamping brackets.
  • Con-form Series 3 Platform with Screens
  • Con-form Series 3 Platform with Screens
  • Con-form Plant Platform with Acoustic Screens
  • Con-form Series 1 Platform with Screens and Handrail
  • SafetyLink 15kN Surface mounted FrogLink
  • SafetyLink Surface mounted Horizontal Lifeline
  • SafetyLink SteelFix FrogLine @ Lyttleton Port



At Total Height Safety

Since 2004 we have specialised in the design and installation of AS/NZS compliant, engineered fall protection and safe access systems. You will benefit from our diverse height safety experience along with backgrounds in the structural steel and construction industries.

We are experts in height safety and access systems being proprietary engineered or custom designed.

Fall protection systems require engineering analysis and design to ensure that the structure can support the applied dynamic loads. Using specialist engineering software and analysis we can determine whether a structure can accommodate the required loads, removing the guesswork and risk.

You can expect uncompromised service when dealing with our staff. We have a great team, quality products backed by our awesome service which translates into a great business for you to utilise.



Our Clients

We service and supply a range of clients nationwide and overseas. From City and District Councils, Health Boards, Telecommunications Providers, Power Generation Networks, Universities, Schools and private enterprise.

We tender to the Construction industry with an extensive client list that includes many ‘Tier 1’ and well-known construction companies.