• Xenon Horizontal Lifeline structurally mounted with custom clamping brackets.
  • Con-form Series 3 Platform with Screens
  • Con-form Series 3 Platform with Screens
  • Con-form Plant Platform with Acoustic Screens
  • Con-form Series 1 Platform with Screens and Handrail
  • SafetyLink 15kN Surface mounted FrogLink
  • SafetyLink Surface mounted Horizontal Lifeline
  • SafetyLink SteelFix FrogLine @ Lyttleton Port


At Total Height Safety

Since 2004 we have specialised in the design and installation of AS/NZS compliant, engineered fall protection and safe access systems.

Our comprehensive range of services covers; risk assessment, advice on hazard controls, engineering design and fabrication for difficult and unique situations, system installations, testing and certification, training employees in the use of specialist systems and ongoing inspection and maintenance. By improving height safety with fall protection systems we can offer peace of mind for building owners, employers, employees, designers, engineers and architects and most importantly ensure that workers are able to do their jobs comfortably and efficiently without compromising safety.

Why Choose Total Height Safety?

Because you can benefit from our unique combination of structural engineering expertise and diverse height safety experience.

Fall protection systems require engineering analysis and design to ensure that the structure is capable of supporting the applied dynamic loads. Using specialist engineering software and analysis we are able to determine whether a structure can accommodate these loads, removing the guesswork and risk. We do not work exclusively with one manufacturer so we are free to recommend the best solution for each situation – often this means using more than one manufacturers product as well as custom fabricated items.


Our Clients

We service a range of clients up and down the country and abroad from City and District Councils, City and District Health Boards, Telecommunications and Power Generation Networks, Universities and Schools. We service and tender to the Construction industry and have an extensive client list consisting of many well-known companies. Allow us to be a part of your story!