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To book in an inspection as per AS/NZS 1891.4, please complete and submit the form below.

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Please note that the minimum inspection service fee is $30. Inspection charge are generally $15 per item We can group multiple items into a single service interval and manage servicing scheduling for you.

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If an item no longer complies to AS/NZS 1891.4.9.1, would you like us to replace it with the equivalent?

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*Please note that replacement goods are of high quality and are competitively priced. We supply brands such as Miller and Aspiring. All new goods include first certification for free. Please refer to product list below for pricing.

Getting your Equipment to us (Refer to delivery instructions below)

Customer will deliver equipment to THSCustomer will courier equipment to THSFree Customer will have ready for THS to pick­up while THS is Servicing our Roof system.20.00 to pick­up (CHCH Metro)$50.00 We will come to you and inspect gear on site. (CHCH Metro area. For other areas we will quote on request)

Returning your Equipment

Customer will pick up from THS$20.00 THS to return to Customer (CHCH Metro)We are coming to your site, as you have selected this option.

Inspection Service

$30.00 Express same day service.(Per 10 items) 2-3 days otherwise

Delivery Instructions:

Courier deliveries

  • Total Height Safety
  • 5/47 Sonter Road, Wigram, CHCH

Personal deliveries

  • Total Height Safety
  • 5/47 Sonter Road, Wigram, CHCH
  • 7:30 – 5:00 Mon-Fri
  • Please call/text 021 313143 to advise as we may be on a job.

Fall Arrest PPE

To add any new PPE item to your order, just enter quantity and we will certify for FREE and include with the rest of your equipment.

$ 30.00  -  Tool Strop  -  with Karabiner 1.1m (Black)
$ 40.00  -  Tool Strop  -  with Climbing short connect strop 1.1m (Green)
$ 145.00 - Harness – Miller Basic Construction Harness
$ 290.00  -  Harness  -  Miller Duraflex Riggers Harness (Most Popular)
$ 488.00  -  Harness  -  Miller AirCore Construction Harness
$ 209.00  -  Lanyard  -  Miller Turbolite Retractable 2m with Scaffold Hook
$ 270.00  -  Lanyard  -  Miller Stretchstop 2m –Double with scaffold hooks
$ 219.00  -  Lanyard  -  Miller Levitator 2m Adjustable with Scaffold Hook
$ 280.00  -  Lanyard  -  Miller 5m Rope with Rope Grab
$ 425.00  -  Miller Construction Harness with 5m Rope with Rope Grab
$ 459.00  -  15m Roofers Kit (Including shock absorber)
$ 499.00  -  30m Roofers Kit (Including shock absorber)
$ 26.50  -  1m Webbing Sling 22kn
$ 32.75  -  2m Webbing Sling 22kn
$ 35.00  -  Triple Action Carabiner
$1475.00  -  Miller SafEscape  -  Rescue Decent Device

We are able to supply just about anything. These are our more common items. If you are looking for something specific, then please add comment below.

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