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To book in an inspection as per AS/NZS 1891.4, please complete and submit the form below.

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Inspection Request Details

Please note that the minimum inspection service fee is $30. Inspection charge are generally $15 per item We can group multiple items into a single service interval and manage servicing scheduling for you.

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Getting your Equipment to us (Refer to delivery instructions below)

Customer will deliver equipment to THSCustomer will courier equipment to THSFree Customer will have ready for THS to pick­up while THS is Servicing our Roof system.20.00 to pick­up (CHCH Metro)$50.00 We will come to you and inspect gear on site. (CHCH Metro area. For other areas we will quote on request)

Returning your Equipment

Customer will pick up from THS$20.00 THS to return to Customer (CHCH Metro)We are coming to your site.

Inspection Service

$30.00 Express same day service.(Per 10 items) 2-3 days otherwise

Delivery Instructions:

Courier deliveries

  • Total Height Safety
  • 5/47 Sonter Road, Wigram, CHCH

Personal deliveries

  • Total Height Safety
  • 5/47 Sonter Road, Wigram, CHCH
  • 7:30 – 5:00 Mon-Fri
  • Please call/text 021 313143 to advise as we may be on a job.

Fall Arrest PPE

To add any new PPE item to your order, just enter quantity and we will certify for FREE and include with the rest of your equipment.

$ 145.00 - Harness – Miller Basic Construction Harness
$ 290.00  -  Harness  -  Miller Duraflex Riggers Harness (Most Popular)
$ 445.00  -  Harness  -  Miller AirCore Construction Harness
$ 220.00  -  Lanyard  -  Miller Turbolite Retractable 2m with Scaffold Hook
$ 280.00  -  Lanyard  -  Miller Stretchstop 2m –Double with scaffold hooks
$ 226.00  -  Lanyard  -  Miller Levitator 2m Adjustable with Scaffold Hook
$ 280.00  -  Lanyard  -  Miller 5m Rope with Rope Grab
$ 425.00  -  Miller Construction Harness with 5m Rope with Rope Grab
$ 459.00  -  15m Roofers Kit (Including shock absorber)
$ 499.00  -  30m Roofers Kit (Including shock absorber)
$ 26.50  -  1m Webbing Sling 22kn
$ 32.75  -  2m Webbing Sling 22kn
$ 35.00  -  Triple Action Carabiner
$1552.00  -  Miller SafEscape  -  Rescue Decent Device

We are able to supply just about anything. These are our more common items. If you are looking for something specific, then please add comment below.

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