As we do not work exclusively with one manufacturer, we are free to recommend the best solution from a range of manufactures for each situation. We are unique in that we can offer you a comprehensive solution for your height safety and access safety system by selecting the best option for you. We are approved installers for all represented manufactures, so rest assured you can expect a specialised installation service by the experts.

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Anchor Points

  • SafetyLink Fall Arrest Anchors
  • SafetyLink FrogLink Fall Arrest Anchors
  • SafetyLink Abseil Anchor Points
  • Miller Through Bolt Anchors
  • Anchor Point Pull Testing and Certification

Horizontal Lifelines

  • SafetyLink FrogLine Horizontal Lifeline
  • SafetyLink Advance Horizontal Lifeline
  • Söll Xenon Overhead Lifeline

Ladder Systems

  • MonkeyToe Caged ladders
  • Söll Y-Spar Ladders
  • Söll GlideLoc Retro-fitted Ladder Rail
  • Söll ViGo Vertical Fall Arrest Systems

Rail Systems

  • Söll Multirail Systems
  • UniRail Systems – coming soon!

Walkways and Handrailing

  • MonkeyToe Walkways
  • MonkeyToe Handrailing
  • Ball stanchion handrailing
  • Industrial Steel Grating

Height Safety PPE

  • TempLinks
  • Harnesses
  • Lanyards / Retractable Lanyards
  • Roofers Kits
  • Rope and Rope Grabs
  • Steel Rope Strops
  • Miller TempLines
  • Recue Kits