Total Height Safety supplies and services clients across New Zealand. You can expect uncompromised service when dealing with our staff whether it is over the communication channels or on a site. We have a great team, quality products backed by our awesome service which translates into a great business for you to unitise. You will benefit from our unique combination of years of industry knowledge, our diverse ‘safe working at height’ experience and our vast product range. Total Height Safety is a one stop shop for working Kiwis at heights.

Risk Assessment

All places of work in New Zealand need to be actively managed so that people working at heights are kept safe. We can help you with this process by providing an ‘At Height Risk Assessment’ to ensure your organisation is complying with the current Health and Safety at Work Act legislation.

We have an in-depth working knowledge of the Australian and NZ standards, with best practice guidelines, and the building code as they relate to working at height and we can explain, in practical terms, how this relates to your situation.

Design, Fabrication and Installation

We have a background in engineering design and fabrication and have direct access to a large established engineering resource which includes design, drafting, certified welding, fabricating, protective coatings & specialist access equipment.

Installation is where the ideas for fall protection and height safety become reality. From a simple ladder to a comprehensive engineered fall protection system with roof accessways and engineered plant platforms.  All our installations are carried out by manufacturer trained personnel and comply with industry standards.

A Site-Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) is provided for all projects, documented and clearly followed for parties to understand the specific needs of your project.

We do not work exclusively with one product or manufacturer giving us the freedom to offer you a comprehensive solution and recommend the best product for each unique situation. Being approved installers for all represented manufacturers gives our clients peace of mind and reassurance that you receive expert advice and a specialised installation service.

PPE Sales

We supply a full range of height safety PPE and rescue equipment. The equipment we offer is designed to best suit the system you have. We are in the business of safety and offer the latest highly innovative solutions from manufactures like Miller, 3M, DBI Sala, Aspiring, SafetyLink, and others.


We take training very seriously and all our installers are certified with relevant unit standards for working at height as well as specific training required for the installation of products and systems.
For all clients we offer staff familiarisation training to ensure user confidence when using the systems.

Certification and Re-certification of Hardware and PPE inspections

Annual re-certification is required for all hardware systems in accordance with AS/NZS 1891.4 standard. We also offer a 6 monthly PPE inspection service.

All your equipment is entered into our inspection management software so that we can contact you when your next inspection is due and offer detailed reporting such as ‘personal kit lists’ and advance warning to equipment usage expiry dates.

Clients receive compliant certificates on all completed installations and inspected PPE.