Height Safety Servicing: Height Safety & Compliance Experts

Total Height Safety offer an innovative approach combined with a practical attitude that means we can deliver customised fall protection solutions to mitigate the risk of falls when working at height. We are experts in roof access “fall protection systems” and specialise in height safety.  We install permanent compliant systems for safe access, whether it is on top of a or in a confined space, we have you covered.

We offer compliancy and assurance for building owners, architects, property management, employers and most importantly, we ensure that workers can do their jobs safely.

We are Total Height Safety, and that’s exactly what we provide.

Specialists at every stage

Total Height Safety are your partners in height safety and compliance, ensuring that you get the right advice, compliant products and support at every stage of your project.

We are specialists in everything height safety from concept design, system installation, through to compliancy certification.


When it comes to height safety one size doesn’t fit all, and we love a challenge. We design smart, economic solutions that encompass safety, functionality, and aesthetics.

We are always adaptive and innovative in our approach, because when no two buildings are the same, the way we approach your safety shouldn’t be either.

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Fiji, one of the best destinations in the world has been fortunate enough to upgrade its international airport terminal. As a result, they required a...

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Fall restraint and Fall Arrest

"Fall restraint" and "fall arrest" are terms used in the context of working at heights and fall protection. While they share similarities, there are distinct...

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