Fiji, one of the best destinations in the world has been fortunate enough to upgrade its international airport terminal. As a result, they required a fall arrest system to protect their workers accessing the roof.

Sky Swing Rotorua

Atop the scenic hills of Rotorua, our installation team took on the responsibility of improving safety measures for the Sky Swing. Our mission centered on a 30-meter winch tower, where precision and safety converged seamlessly.

Cawthorn Aquaculture

Cawthorn Aquaculture runs a biosecurity plant that researches the harmful effects of pests and diseases on the environment. Located in Nelson they have large ponds where they harvest fish and plant life for science. Total Height Safety was engaged to place lifelines around the perimeter of the ponds to provide safe access to these ponds without the risk of falling into the water.

We have expanded our Auckland team

We are very happy to welcome back Pete Foleni to our team. Pete will be a permanent prescence in Auckland and across the North Island. It is great to have you back Pete!