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Here at Total Height Safety it is important to us to keep up with the latest regulations and industry news. Times move and change rapidly in the construction industry especially when it comes to health and safety. Check out some of the issues that we have come across over the recent months.

We have expanded our Auckland team

We are very happy to welcome back Pete Foleni to our team. Pete will be a permanent prescence in Auckland and across the North Island. It is great to have...

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Fall restraint and Fall Arrest

"Fall restraint" and "fall arrest" are terms used in the context of working at heights and fall protection. While they share similarities, there are distinct differences between the two.

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Abseil Access vs Just Access

Not all buildings require abseil access, just like all users of fall protection are not required to be trained how to abseil. Majority of anchors or surface mounted cable systems...

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Fall Protection Systems on Kingspan Roofing

You now have the option to use SafetyLink Fall Protection Systems with any Kingspan roofing product. As SafetyLink trained installers we take comfort in knowing that the fall protection performance...

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X-Rail – Available Now!

The new X-Rail from SafetyLink has landed and Total Height Safety have specified this product on projects already. The SafetyLink X-Rail is a horizontal rail system suitable for use as...

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Fixed Ladder Bracket – Available now!

Total Height Safety’s fixed ladder bracket, LadderLink, is designed to support a ladder, stopping sideways movement and therefore holding the ladder in place safely. It is an entry point to...

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How Employers can support their Youth

Young people or school student need to ensure they have relevant industry qualifications to be able to gain employment while they’re still studying or as they enter into the workforce....

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