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How Employers can support their Youth

Young people or school students need to ensure they have relevant industry qualifications to be able to gain employment while they’re still studying or as they enter into the workforce. Did you know that a student can approach their careers guidance counselor at school and ask for funding towards any relevant NZQA qualifications within the industry they want to enter? Whether this is a barista course to work in hospitality or a site safe qualification to enter the construction industry.

Here at Total Height Safety, we recently employed a year 13 student who was able to acquire his height safety qualification and first aid through the school system with the help of New Zealand ministry of education funding. He is currently working after school, and full-time in the holidays as required. He is looking to study full-time in aviation, and with part-time work he can support this career pathway.

STAR is one of the funding streams that state-funded schools have access to. Although there is no guarantee, the school will work on each student as a case by case basis to help with their request.


“In my last year of school, I took the opportunity to enroll in an advanced height safety course with Safety’n’ Action through my schools’ careers adviser. By doing this through my school, it allowed me to gain the necessary qualifications for my work at Total Height Safety without having to self-fund. This process supported me by setting me up for work during and after school, with the added bonus of not having to self-fund it. It made for a very easy transition from school to working in the height safety industry”. – Liam (17 years old)