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Did you know we achieved 100% SiteWise?

What does SiteWise 100% mean?

Once again our amazing team have achieved 100% in our SiteWise 2023 assessment giving us Gold status for another year. But what does that really mean?

To ensure a safe and secure working environment, organisations can utilise SiteWise. SiteWise is a valuable tool for businesses in New Zealand, enabling them to streamline workplace safety practices, ensure compliance with regulations, and mitigate risks. 

What is SiteWise

SiteWise is a online database that allows businesses to manage contractor prequalification and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. It provides a centralized platform where main contractors and principal organisations can assess and evaluate the health and safety capabilities of contractors before engaging in work arrangements. Initially, this database was created in response to the influx of contractors and subcontractors in the wake of the Canterbury earthquakes, however, it was soon rolled out nationwide.

By simplifying contractor prequalification, providing comprehensive health and safety management capabilities, and aligning with New Zealand legislation, SiteWise empowers organizations to create safer work environments.

SiteWise promotes a proactive approach to workplace safety by ensuring that businesses have the tools and resources to maintain a safe working environment. New Zealand has specific health and safety regulations that businesses must adhere to. SiteWise is tailored to these regulations, providing guidance and support to ensure compliance. The platform incorporates the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and other relevant legislation, assisting businesses in meeting their legal obligations and reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.


Every year members submit the required documentation to SiteWise to demonstrate that they have high-quality health and safety systems in place.  The assessment covers:

  1. Insurance information
  2. Health and safety policies and Procedures
  3. Health and safety meetings
  4. Accident/incident reporting and investigation
  5. Inspections
  6. Training and qualifications
  7. Employee and subcontractor engagement
  8. Health monitoring and performance.
Based on the completeness and quality of the submitted documents you are assessed into one of 4 categories.

The goal is green or gold status. Not only did we achieve gold we achieved a perfect score of 100%, something we are very proud of here at Total Height Safety.