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Safetylink X-Rail - AVailable Now

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SafetyLink X-Rail Horizontal Rail System

SafetyLink X-Rail horizontal rail system

The new X-Rail from SafetyLink has landed and Total Height Safety have already specified this product on projects. The SafetyLink X-Rail is a horizontal rail system suitable for use as part of a personal fall protection or an abseil system. The X-Rail offers a horizontal rail with one or multiple Mobile Anchor Points for attaching to. The X-Rail can be installed in three orientations; overhead, wall and floor.

  • Structural or roof sheet surface mountable.
  • The X-Rail horizontal rail system is rated for up to 4 users per system and in any span.
  • SafetyLink’s NEW X-Rail system is an abseil capable horizontal rail system.
  • X-Rail is suitable when limited fall clearance is available.
  • Easy for pull testing when installed into concrete.
  • Easily integrated into the structure of a building and allowing continuous movement with innovative shuttle.
  • The X-Rail Horizontal Rail System is rated for up to 4 users per system and in any span.
  • The X-Rail Horizontal Rail System is compliant with AS/NZS 1891.2, EN795:2012 and PD CEN/TS 16415:2013.

08 Apr 2021

SafetyLink X-Rail