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Anchor Points

Safety roof anchor points are a vital part of a fall protection system. Anchor points are usually installed on the roof and are designed to be connected to when using a harness.

They come in three main types:

  • Abseil, which are non-shock absorbing in the case of a fall.
  • Fall arrest, that warp or deform to absorb energy in the case of a fall.
  • Temporary anchors, which are a piece of PPE that can be self-installed by builders and/or roofers.

Anchors are an easy way to meet compliance standards, offering workers a reliable attachment point. Our range of anchors are tailored to your specific height safety requirements, but if your building requires an alternative solution, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our range of products is vast and custom solutions are our specialty.


Temporary anchor

SafetyLink TempLink 3000 Cable Strop Anchor
SafetyLink TempLink 5000 Surface Mounted Anchor
(Both anchors utilise metal roofs fixing screws)

Fall arrest anchor

SafetyLink FrogLink (Surface Mount Metal Roof)
SafetyLink HingeLink (Mounted to Purlin or Timber Rafter)
SafetyLink RetroLink (Top Fixed Purlin Mount)

Abseil anchor

SafetyLink Surface Mounted (Fixed to Roof Sheet)
SafetyLink RetroLink (Top Fixed Purlin Mount)
SafetyLink ConcreteLink (Chem-set Treaded Sleeve)
SafetyLink HingeLink (Mounted to Purlin or Timber Rafter)
Miller D-Bolt Anchor (Concrete)


26 Oct 2022

SafetyLink TempLink 3000

Temporary 15kN Fall Arrest Anchor that can be fitted to timber rafters or roof sheets.

12 Jul 2022

SafetyLink TempLink 5000

Temporary Multi-directional 15kN roof anchor for metal roofs.

12 Jul 2022

SafetyLink Surface Mounted Abseil Anchor

Roof sheet fixed Abseil Anchor

12 Jul 2022

SafetyLink RetroLink

Abseil / Fall Arrest Anchor

12 Jul 2022

SafetyLink HingeLink

Abseil / Fall Arrest Anchor that mounts to Rafter or Purlin

12 Jul 2022

SafetyLink ConcreteLink

Abseil / Fall Arrest Anchor