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Cable life-lines are effectively the ‘middle-man’ between a fall arrest harness and an anchor point. We use the analogy of a car’s airbag to describe how, in a perfect world, they should never be used. But, in the case of a slip, fall or other accident, they’re there when you need it. With that in mind, they aren’t designed to prevent you falling. They are designed to stop you from reaching the ground.

We partner exclusively with SafetyLink to provide horizontal, vertical and overhead lifelines for a diverse range of applications on residential, commercial and industrial sites. Supplied in conjunction with appropriate anchor points, our smooth-gliding cable systems are mountable to all surfaces; including, 0.4 (BMT) metal roof profiles, thermal roof products, concrete and steel structures.

Products Available

  • SafetyLink Cable Life-Lines
  • FrogLine - Surface Mount on Metal Roof
    FrogLine - RetroLink Purlin Anchored
    FrogLine - Membrane on Ply Roof
    FrogLine - Warm Roof
    FrogLine - Concrete
    FrogLine - Wall Mount
    FrogLine - Vertical Ladder System
    Classic - Surface Mount Metal Roof
    Classic - RetroLink - RetroLink to Steel Purlin
    Classic - RafterLink - Truss/Purlin Mounted
    Classic - Concrete
  • Söll Cable Life-lines
  • Xenon - Structure and Concrete Mounted
    Xenon - Structure and Concrete Mounted
    Vi-Go - Vertical Cable Ladder System
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23 Oct 2021

Classic Horizontal Line

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