Walkways, Ladders and Handrailings


Depending on your requirements, we specify and install premium supported walkway platforms and economy walkways for internal and external application. More commonly used in roofing scenarios, we offer the ability to select a pre-welded or economic solution that remains compliant and cost-effective.

We use modular KATT ladder systems to construct the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for our clients. Being able to customise their products to the job at-hand means we’re able to make recommendations to best suit your requirements. This can include cages, platforms or vertical cable fall arrest systems that are required when installing ladders over 6m tall. It should be noted that ladder cages do not form part of a fall protection system, but they do offer assurance. We can discuss this in detail.

In situations where access needs to be controlled, we can recommend and install lockable hatches to prevent any unwanted access. And should anyone need to work or access something part of the way up a ladder, we can install landings too.

Handrails or edge protection may also be employed to ensure the safety of contractors when accessing roofs, or in other situations where hazards exists. These can be installed on walkways as edge guard-railing, to plant decks, building edges and various other places.

Products Available

  • MonkeyToe/Con-Form/Steel Grating/THS Engineered
  • Walkways
    Ladders (Caged/Non-caged)
    Plant Platforms
    Customized Solutions
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