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June 18, 2020

Ruru Transmitter Tower

Ruru Transmitter Tower (Header)

Project Overview

Ruru Transmitter Tower is a 60 metre media-works tower, situated 30 minutes out of Hamilton on the top of a hill in Te Miro, Cambridge. Due to the location a Blackhawk helicopter was needed to lift each of the tower sections into place, weighing 3.5 tonnes each. Total Height Safety was contracted to install both internal and external cable systems on the tower.


Industrial Site Services


Te Miro, Cambridge




During phase 1 of the Ruru multimedia towers project, Total Height Safety was contracted to install cable systems for all ladders, both internally and externally, so workers would have access to the workings of the tower. On the final stages of the phase 1 install we received instruction from the client to upgrade the system to GlideLock rail on the external ladders due to possible transmission interference with the cable inside brackets. The team efficiently arranged another trip to then complete phase 2, installing the GlideLock rail.


  • 4 1/2 days
  • 46.7 metres of cable – 4 External Ladder Systems
  • 55 metres of cables – 2 Internal Ladder Systems