24 Jun 2019


58 A2842


For this landmark development in the heart of Christchurch, we designed and engineered an advanced fall protection system that consists of 326 metres of lifeline spread across five sections along the roof of the complex. We also installed handrails, anchor points, ladders and a platform for roof access.


Due to the distinctive canopy of the building’s roof, we powder-coated and installed a 150 metre long horizontal lifeline to disguise the system over architectural ridges that complement the building’s design.

This project was completed in two stages over three days with a number of contractors brought in on the final day to meet the client’s opening deadline of 28 September 2018.

We will return yearly to inspect and ensure the system is fully operational and compliant.


  • 3 days
  • 326 metres of lifeline (4 Lines)
  • 2 anchor points
  • 3 Permanent Access Ladders with Platforms
  • 71 metres of Handrail
58 A2842
58 A2842