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June 30, 2020

MERIDIAN Benmore Hydro Station

Project Overview

Total Height Safety provide a support service for all the Meridian Hydro Stations. This involves the inspection and installation of all safety systems, and inspection of all the safety equipment. These hydroelectric generation sites contribute power to the national grid.




Waitaki Valley


Infrastructure & Industrial


This was a challenging job as the roof structure was copper with a lightweight cement filled steel tray deck. The team installed the SafetyLink system using a toggle bolt anchor plate system. This project involved one man travelling on a gantry crane with a tarp spread over it to collect the debris, ensuring none would fall onto the plant below. This was a well organised process with constant communication via radio with the Meridian staff to ensure correct crane positioning prior to drilling.


  • Toggle Horizontal LifeLine System – 231m (3 Lines)
  • 21m Knuckleboom