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September 1, 2022

Sir Richard Hadlee Sports Centre

Project Overview

Designed to give cricketers of all ages and skill levels world class facilities to train, the centre is also a very versatile space and can accommodate other sports and community groups.

“It’s a true honour and a wonderful legacy that will benefit thousands. This centre will accommodate the next generation of cricketers.” – Sir Richard Hadlee


Athfield Architects


Naylor Love




Community, Sport and Leisure


Full edge protection with roof access was required for this new indoor multi sports facility.

A combination of a central lifeline and pendulum anchors was utilised on this project.   Secure access to the roof was provided by way of a caged ladder suspended 4m from the ground, eliminating the need for securing ladder access in high traffic area easily accessed by the public.


  • 2 days
  • 69 metres of lifeline (2 Lines)
  • 7 anchor points