Height Safety Servicing: Height Safety & Compliance Experts



We work alongside designers, architects, engineers to concept compliant height-safety solutions based off their designs and specifications. Our process ensures the most appropriate and cost-effective solution that takes safety, functionality and aesthetics into account. In our opinion, it results in systems that don’t compromise on design features, workers’ safety or structural compliance.

The solutions we provide are “proprietary system” engineered, as per the definition and requirements of AS/NZS1891. We do, however, offer Engineering PS1, PS3 and PS4 producer statements either by request or part of the consent process.

Prior to installation, we test and certify every project before providing a site-specific safety plan (SSSP). This plan allows workers and third-party contractors to understand how to correctly navigate the system and maintain your health and safety record. We also provide system training to people who frequently use your system and perform annual checks on all our systems to maintain their compliance – much like your car’s warrant of fitness


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