Height Safety Servicing: Height Safety & Compliance Experts



We do our utmost to ensure clients understand their obligations and make the best choice with regard to the Health and Safety at Work Act and current building legislation.

It can be overwhelming to understand what is required when allowing employees, sub-contractors and workers to access areas, such as rooftops, to conduct work. We are here to help you navigate the risk and compliance in a manner that is tailored to the needs of your building or site, whilst ensuring everyone is aware of the risks involved.

Each building, site, or project we work on comes with specific needs that need to be considered to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Whether they’re people who work, visit or conduct maintenance on a regular basis, our aim is to reassure clients that safety is paramount. Compliance is as much about a system’s configuration and design as it is with the equipment used, and we place equal importance in all three areas.

Our approach to designing systems that uphold the aesthetics of a building and the functional requirements of those who use them will never compromise safety. That being said, we often find solutions that uphold all three; without spending unnecessary time or money on products that are not required.

We pride ourselves on good service, transparent communication and a client-first approach that develops healthy, long-term working relationships.


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