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Do you have an access plan for contractors, or a realistic rescue plan in case of a fall from height?

Active risk management is a requirement anywhere in New Zealand where people work above 1.5 metres. We can help with this process by providing an ‘At Height Risk Assessment’ to ensure your organisation is complying with the current Health and Safety at Work Act legislation. We have an in-depth working knowledge of Australian and New Zealand standards, best practice guidelines and the New Zealand Building Code. We can explain how this relates to you in practical terms.

Is your roof access safe for workers or tradesmen?

All owners, employers, property managers and maintenance companies need to ensure there is a safe access system and that are procedures in place. Our risk assessment will provide you with a comprehensive summary of what needs to be put in place to ensure the safety of your workers. We can then work closely with you to design a customised, cost effective solution that delivers on safety, functionality, and visual aesthetic.

Are your current systems certified and up to date?

All hardware systems need to be certified annually in order to comply with current legislation, and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) every six months. We can manage your compliance requirements through our inspection software so you don’t have to. We will complete a comprehensive inspection of fall protection systems or equipment and carry out any required work to meet the AS/NZS standards.

Please contact us to book your risk assessment.


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