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Roadside Truck Bay Overhead System

Total Height Safety offers custom design systems, as featured, or can offer solutions to suit your specific needs or requirements.

The benefit of the roadside truck bay overhead system would be that it offers a compliant solution to the age-old problem of the fall dangers associated when unloading trucks.

Delivery trucks require an operator to climb the trailer to swing a load which may also require the operator to climb above the load to attach to a crane hook. This may result in a potential fall risk of up to 4-5m high.

A container mounted overhead system with self-retracting lanyards will enable the operator to attach at ground level so that fall protection is in place during the unloading process.

System Features

  • Details
  • Container locked system for system removal
    A range of equipment to suit a multitude of road side container configurations
    Full range of PPE
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