08 Jul 2019

Fiji Airport

Fiji6 191021 031547 2 1


Fiji, one of the best destinations in the world has been fortunate enough to upgrade its international airport terminal. We were granted this opportunity through our strong business relationship with Hawkins Construction.


To protect local workers on the roof of the client’s upgraded international terminal, we recommended, designed and engineered an advanced fall arrest system that required a total of 342 metres of horizontal lifeline. By having the manufacturer ship all the goods directly to the island, we streamlined the installation process which allowed ample time to educate workers on how to use their equipment and safely use the system.

As part of this ongoing partnership, Total Height Safety supplies, maintains and annually inspects all PPE, safety gear and the fall arrest system to keep it up to standard.


3 days
342 metres of lifeline (4 Lines)

Fiji6 191021 031547 2 1
Fiji6 191021 031547 2 1