06 Mar 2020

Genesis Tekapo Power Station

20200303 105858


Genesis Tekapo Power Station is located between Tekapo and Twizel. Total Height Safety are involved with several inspections whereby rescue support is provided for inspection teams working in confined space. The team has worked on three sites in the last year.


On this occasion, the teams were inspecting the paint that is coating the internal of the Penstock pipe, which is approximately 4 metres in diameter and 1.2 kilometres long. Total Height Safety provided a comprehensive safety plan and equipment to support those workers inside, the gear set up was such that if a rescue was to be performed this could be done without entering the Penstock, this is particularly important in the case of an environmental hazard. The method of securing the inspection team was connection by ropes through access hatches every 100 metres. Total Height Safety set up two separate systems and leap frogged them over each other as we progressed down the length of the Penstock. Regular communication via radio ensured all steps were monitored.


  • 1 day
  • 1.2km long
20200303 105858
20200303 105858