Ladders and Ladder Systems

We supply and install compliant ladder systems which provide safe access to plant platforms, roofs and other structures whether for maintenance, cleaning, inspections or general access.

Our range of ladder and fall protection options allow us to tailor to your specific requirements. If your requirement is unique and you require an alternative solution than what we have included below, then we can assist also. Call us to discuss.

The Monkey Toe ladder system includes premium quality KATT ladders and has been designed to cater for all roof access applications. Robust and simple, our range of premium products are light yet provide high strength for a safe working load of 150kg.

Whether you require enclosed roof access ladders or easy folding roof access, our aluminium access ladders are fully compliant with the latest industry standards to all applicable AU/NZ certifications for safe access.
Manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS1657:1992 and relevant statutory OHS Codes of Practice, Monkey Toe guarantees that all necessary building regulations are followed.

  • Prefabricated modular componentry ensures easy on site assembly – no welding required
  • Lightweight, high strength aluminium construction
  • Increase safe working load of 150kg – industrial rated
  • Unique rung profile design makes ladder comfortable and easy to use
  • Low maintenance and neat appearance
  • Suits many varied applications and locations.

MonkeyToe Non-Caged Ladder

Permanently mounted access ladder. Ideally suited to gain access around plant, ceiling spaces or stepped levels where a caged ladder would be impractical.

Ladder would have 1m raised walk through stiles

When am I used?
To access short raises of up to 1-3m.

Note that Ladders are restricted to 6m in any one climb, otherwise ladders need to be separated by a rest platform or have a fitted fall arrest system.

MonkeyToe Ladder with a Fall Arrest System

Permanently mounted on caged or non-caged access ladder fitted with a fall arrest system.
Good alternative to rest platforms.

Ladder would have 1m raised walk through stiles and cable fall arrest system.

When am I used?
To access high roofs or structures. No limit to height.


MonkeyToe Ladder Bracket

MonkeyToe compliant ladder brackets are available in a number of styles. These are generally installed under the roofing iron or mount vertically to a wall or cladding.
These generally make up part of a fall protection system.

What am I used for?
To secure a portable ladder for access to roofs.



Söll GlideLoc Vertical Height Access System

The Söll GlideLoc® Safe Climbing system includes fall protection ladders, guide rails, and guided type fall arresters. System accessories such as entry and exit devices, roof ascent or shaft entry equipment make it possible to design a system that is not only appropriate for the structure of the building or installation, but which also satisfies the very highest safety requirements.

GlideLoc Y-Spar Ladder

GlideLoc Y-Spar Ladder incorporates a fall protection Guide Rail that forms a unique central spine to which the rungs connect. This system is best suited to an industrial environment.
Available in Galvanised, Aluminium and Stainless Steel.
Can be fitted with a twisting exit so that you can detach while on top of roof or structure.

The Comfort Traveller glides easily along the fall arrest rail holding the user close to the ladder giving them total confidence while climbing.
Söll GlideLoc conforms with AS/NZS 1891.


GlideLoc Rail

GlideLoc Vertical Guide Rail is the perfect solution when there is a fall risk on an existing fixed ladder.

The Comfort Traveller glides easily along the fall arrest rail holding the user close to the ladder giving them total confidence while climbing.
Söll GlidLoc conforms with AS/NZS 1891.


Vi-Go Cable System

The Söll Vi-Go is a fall protection system used in OEM or retrofitted onto suitable existing ladders or structures.

The Vi-Go Vertical Cable System can be retrofitted to the ladders or rungs used in wind turbine, power supply, telecommunications or other industries.

The ViGo Shuttle glides easily along the fall arrest cable giving the user total confidence while climbing. One hand detachable, twin action secure.

Söll Vi-Go conforms with AS/NZS 1891.